What to Know About Self Storage Roll Up Doors

Steel roll-up doors are often the primary means of access into storage and warehouse spaces–making them a vital part of many construction projects. When selecting a roll-up door, there are many things to take into consideration including the quality, ease of installation and services provided by the manufacturer. This is also true when combining roll-up doors with complete hallway systems for storage facility applications.

Best Solution for Self Storage Facility

When it comes to a quality door for your building, steel roll-up doors provide one of the best solutions. Steel roll-up doors are durable products that protect against demanding environments and extreme weather conditions. The resiliency of steel can resist the wear and tear of heavy traffic usage, which prevents you from having to replace doors.

Ease of Installation

The nature of any moving object is that it can become a safety issue if not used correctly, protected from damage or maintained properly. Therefore, it is important to read the manufacturers’ installation manuals prior to installing roll-up doors and hallway systems to ensure safety of yours and others around you.

When installing self storage doors, working with efficiently designed products can be the difference between long, tedious installs and quick and easy jobs. One component that can play an important role in this is tension set brackets. When designed to support the full weight of the door, these brackets can greatly decrease the effort and time needed to install and adjust self storage roll-up doors. Another component that can improve installation is to not wind the springs too tight.

When the springs are too tight, the tension in the spring will cause the door to slam up dangerously, possibly damaging the door and the components. Without enough tension, the spring cannot provide the support needed to assist the user in opening the door. In either instance, an unbalanced spring is a safety hazard and a time delay.

With proper installation and maintenance, metal doors can last 30 years or longer as they are nonsusceptible to warping, rotting, denting or cracking–common issues with doors made from other materials. The high-quality primers and paint coatings used on steel doors protect against chipping and scratching, keeping the doors looking better longer. Keeping all the above considerations in mind will make roll-up door installation stress free.

Manufacturer Services

To ensure all project elements work together seamlessly and that all essential considerations like unit mix, door measurements, clearance heights and code compliance are considered, a knowledgeable project services team is vital. These professionals can also help you understand all the components of your project and advise when wind-rated or insulated doors are economical—helping you provide the best solutions for your customers. It is beneficial to have a dedicated project team to support the plan from project conception through project completion.

Lastly, before purchasing roll-up doors and hallway systems, be sure that you are familiar with and fully understand the warranty options available on the products you purchase. Doors and door components are commonly covered by most manufacturers, while the coil coatings and paint are warranted under a second that include considerations for film integrity, as well as both chalk and fade.

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Post time: Jun-28-2020

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